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Some kinda wonderful

I’m on a mission to give away a dollar a day. By giving I hope to learn to receive and learn more about life along the way. Today I gave my dollar to the man at the entrance to my local Trader Joe’s in NW Portland. We talked about the little dog on his lap bundled up under a blanket. He admitted the blanket was to keep the dog warm, not him. It must have been about 30 degrees out. He reached out to hand me a copy of Street Roots, the local homeless newspaper. I almost said “no thanks, I don’t need the paper, just keep the money” but I reached out and took it from him. When I got around to looking at it there was a hand written message along the top:

I always knew you were some kinda wonderful – you’re Awesome! Thank you, Daniel  

Wow – today was a great day to receive that input.  And I will feel better giving in the future thanks to his generosity of the written word. Thank you Daniel!! You have brought me Joy. And look at this lovely quote that popped up for me today to fully emphasize the message.

“Positivity tip: It pays to be kind—altruism stimulates the same pleasure centers as food & sex. What a deal!”

I know you are awesome too! Tell me, what kind of wonderful are you?



Clearly this is just a test. A real blogger would have a clue what they were doing and a plan for what’s next! But being as this is not a real blog I get to do what I want and have fun doing it! Like use lots of exclamation points and talk about my chickens more than anything else.

Today is about uploading a picture of Lucille. And I must say that seems to be a very large photo of her. Kind of takes over the whole page. Well, the photo’s up so more about Lucille. She is a delightfully goofy Polish hen. She lays a lovely olive green egg, sometimes, particularly when it is sunny and warm out, say April to September. And then only about every other day. So if you are in the egg business you don’t want too many Lucille’s in your flock. If, however, you are a casual suburban chicken farmer like me Lucille is a lovely addition to your back yard.  You can’t get more local than your back yard and green eggs are cool.

Did you know that chickens are chicken? Seriously, they are rather timid in many situations. This weekend, being a hard working suburban Portland chicken farmer, I spent 5 minutes out in the coop. That’s one of the secrets of backyard chicken farming. It only takes about 5 minutes a day. So I spent my 5 minutes adding a new bedding to the coop. The chickens didn’t seem to notice it when they went in that night, but in the morning they would not leave the coop because this Evil stuff was on the ground. It took me 20 minutes to notice they weren’t in the back yard, go discover the problem, then pick them up and place them on the ground.

The rest of their day was spent outside foraging.  Come evening, when all chickens go to roost, all the hens disappeared as usual. But Lucille showed up again alone She walked right up to the patio door and peered in to see if there was anyone to rescue her. How could she get in the coop across that evil new substance? I laughed at her and walked back to the coop with her. I swooped her up and placed her with her friends and all was again well in the universe.

Luckily they don’t stay chicken for too long, today they all amazingly traversed the new bedding as if it had always been there.