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Some kinda wonderful

I’m on a mission to give away a dollar a day. By giving I hope to learn to receive and learn more about life along the way. Today I gave my dollar to the man at the entrance to my local Trader Joe’s in NW Portland. We talked about the little dog on his lap bundled up under a blanket. He admitted the blanket was to keep the dog warm, not him. It must have been about 30 degrees out. He reached out to hand me a copy of Street Roots, the local homeless newspaper. I almost said “no thanks, I don’t need the paper, just keep the money” but I reached out and took it from him. When I got around to looking at it there was a hand written message along the top:

I always knew you were some kinda wonderful – you’re Awesome! Thank you, Daniel  

Wow – today was a great day to receive that input.  And I will feel better giving in the future thanks to his generosity of the written word. Thank you Daniel!! You have brought me Joy. And look at this lovely quote that popped up for me today to fully emphasize the message.

“Positivity tip: It pays to be kind—altruism stimulates the same pleasure centers as food & sex. What a deal!”

I know you are awesome too! Tell me, what kind of wonderful are you?


Starting at the beginning comes back to what came first – the chicken or the egg? Might as well start my post with the egg since there will be chicken scratch coming soon. And recipes may include chicken or eggs… So here’s a link to a blog on how to cook the perfect egg. I’m torn between poached and scrambled. What’s your favorite way to eat an egg?


hmmm… I guess I’ll have to find out how to make a link! Onward.