New Chicks for a new year

2013 chicks week 1

January seems a little early to be picking up our 2nd mini flock of chicks.  I was planning on March, but work was a tad stressful last week and Tennis man was down with the flu.  So what’s a gal to do but some retail therapy?  I checked in with Fashionista girl before I took the plunge – should we get 8 week old pullets or day old chicks?  Between us we decided that tiny balls of fluff were much more fun.

Months ago I posed the big question to my chicken group – I love this Yahoo group PDXBackyardChix

I’m dreaming of spring and what kind of chicks to consider adding to my suburban mini farm…
Plenty of time to ponder..
Spotted eggs?
Eye candy in feathering?
Eye candy in eggs?
Temperament – knowing each bird is individual?
Egg laying reliability?
Lack of broodiness?
Whatever is at the feed store the day I wander in?

And basically that is what we got… after wandering through 5 different local urban farm stores in Portland I came home with: Whatever was in the feed store that day, pretty eggs, good personalities, and pretty to look at!  I came home with a Welsummer, Red Speckled Sussex, and an Easter Egger.  I can’t tell the first two apart – they both have little chipmunk stripes down their backs.  The Easter Egger stands out already sporting her puffy little cheeks.

For now the chicks are set up in a plastic tub with some hardware cloth on top.  In a week or two I’ll move them into a larger brooder. Here is what my last brooder looked like – a dog kennel! It worked great and kept the chicks safe and sound. Since that was sold at a garage sale last summer we’ll have to be creative again.

Chicks roosting in their DIY brooder

Dog Kennel Chick Brooder

Its real easy to forget the stresses of the day when you hear the sweet chirping and hold these little puff balls.


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